New Project

Since 2003 I have not produced anymore pop-dance music, instead, I’ve dedicated my time to writing music which is a bit more intellectual and only for my own pleasure.
I have written music for piano solo, voice with piano accompaniment, strange compositions for orchestra etc. Maybe some day I will decide to propose them to some publisher.
At the same time, I’ve continued to study the music of classical composers, obviously focusing on my "god" J.S. Bach.
Between the months of August and September 2017, motivated and helped by the enthusiasm and perseverance of my friend and collaborator Carlo Fath, I’ve created something new in the style of commercial dance. The Project goes under the name of “Pier”. The first single, titled “Here and Now” will be released in Italy in mid-April 2018 by the independent label and publisher Allione, with whom I had collaborated in 1999 for the release and promotion of Web (Lovin' Times, Like an Angel, Mornings).